A must for all poker players! Sal Piacente (20-year casino consultant) and "Charlie" (45-year poker cheat) team up to share their expertise at the poker tables. Through demonstrations of cheating moves and devices (some of which have never before been exposed), and a discussion on the psychology of the card shark, you gain an in-depth look at poker cheating and how to protect yourself. Sal and "Charlie" also give advice on what to do when you suspect foul play. Over 35 casinos world-wide have paid Sal thousands of dollars of dollars for his game protection seminars, and now the poker segment is available to the public. "Charlie's insight is priceless, as he has never been caught. A unique view from two sides of the poker table. This program is designed to help you become a sharper legitimate poker player.
Now available at www.pocketacesllc.net
Join card magician and world renowned gaming expert Sal Piacente, as he takes you step by step through 5 of his amazing expert card routines. These routines have gained him prestige and respect with magic's elite. In this series, Sal covers his Memory Opener, the Mario Opener, his Ace Cutting Routine Parts 1 & 2, and the Vernon Poker Deal.
In the second of the 2 part DVD series, Sal Piacente uncovers the secrets to expert card routines such as the McDougal Stack, Paint Poker, Rollover Aces, Stop!, the Riffle Stack, the Faro Stack, the 4,5,6-Packet Trick and a special encore bonus card trick. Visit: http://www.MagicMakersInc.com for more details.
Sal Piacente walks you through the history of the Three Card Monte, the moves and the psychology behind one of magic's favorite close-up routines and one of the most dangerous games on the street. Sal demonstrates the Secret to Monte, Staring the Mix, Hype Move Detail, the Bent Corner Scam and much more.
In this DVD, you'll experience the Three Shell Game up close as Sal Piacente gives you a personal demonstration, teaches you the history of the game, and then takes you from the studio to the streets to put his expertise to the test. You'll learn unbeatable moves such as: The Sucker Move, The Flash Move, Under the Finger, Two Shell Game, the Finishing Move and much more.